Customisable Page Types

Use predefined types ...

If you started from one of the project templates, you will have a "home" app defined in your project folder structure. Inside it, in, you will find three page types: ProjectArticlePage, ProjectArticleLandingPage, and ProjectWebPage.

These, together with any new blocks you install or define in your project and its apps, should be enough for vast majority of your websites and web apps.

You most probably do not even need to define new page models, and make any new migrations: just define your new blocks, and add them to the "body" StreamField - all the new blocks will magically become available to use in the three above page types.

... or create new page types

If you insist on creating new page types - it's easy! It may be easiest to copy the code of one of the three pre-defined types:

  • ProjectArticlePage - if you want a simple page layout for blog posts etc.,
  • ProjectArticleLandingPage - if you want a regular web page with nice child-page listing,
  • ProjectWebPage - if you want a regular web page with all fancy features.


Layout Blocks

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Content Blocks

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