A Wagtail-based Content Management System

Supports Bootstrap 5, MDBootstrap 5, and Webpack. No jQuery needed.

Free & open sourced
100% free to use and free to modify.

CJK CMS uses BSD-3 license. It is freely available from PyPI and Github, ready-to-use CMS without licensing fees of other systems. Get it quickly with:

pip install wagtail-cjkcms

Frequently updated

We aim to be ready for new releases of Wagtail, and usually within days, not even weeks, to publish a compatible version of the CMS. You are welcome to suggest fixes and new features via PRs on GitHub.

Easy to set up

Start a brand new website with the CJKCMS toolset, or expand your existing Wagtail site with CMS features. CjkCMS will work well in both scenarios, so that you can use it to expand your existing Wagtail websites without re-starting from scratch.

Install wagtail-cjkcms and quick start your new project easily

# create and activate virtual env
mkdir project
cd project
python3.11 -m venv env-project
source env-project/bin/activate

# install the cms into venv
pip install wagtail-cjkcms

# start new website called cmsdemo
cjkcms start cmsdemo

# migrate db, create admin
cd cmsdemo
python manage.py migrate
python manage.py createsuperuser

# run the server
python manage.py runserver

# frontend:
# backend:

... or add the CjkCMS into an existing Wagtail project, and start progressively adding CMS-based pages to your website.

The source: Codered CRX

CjkCMS stands on the shoulders of giants

CjkCMS was forked some time in 2020/2021 from, and based on Wagtail CRX - an excellent CMS by CodeRed. CodeRed has a different vision for the development of their CMS: they prefer more stable, better tested, though sometimes more slowly catching up with the changes in Wagtail codebase.

CjkCMS on the other hand aims to stay at the head of the wave of changes, even if sometimes it means less tested solution. We modify CjkCMS directly in response to the needs of websites we maintain and develop. Whenever we see a functionality generic enough to justify including it into the CMS, rather than into a specific website codebase - we do so, constantly bringing new features to the CjkCMS.

We have also developed a number of extensions which depend on the CjkCMS, and we will be progressively open-sourcing them. These include:

  • Advanced Resource Library
  • E-learning Experience System (LMS or LXP)
  • 404/missing page management system with regular expressions
  • ... and more.