SEO tools

Top SEO standards

All CjkCMS page types use wagtail-seo to support top SEO standards.

SEO support in CjkCMS
  • Automatically generate apple-touch-icons in multiple sizes
  • Generate page preview using:
    • specific SEO description, and if not present
    • extract from page body content
  • Support for Structured Data

Multiple analytics engines

CjkCMS provides out-of-the-box support for GoogleAnalytics, but also for Matomo: a light-weight, extremely easy to set up analytics engine useful for those, who are conscious about data protection, GDPR, and prefer a self-hosted analytics system, so that your user data stays with you. Furthermore, Matomo supports zero-cookies tracking mode, so that you do not need to display any "cookie popups" to your users - if you don't want to.

Cookie consent dialog and privacy policy

... and if you want to display a cookie consent dialog, you have one built-in, with multiple layouts, and with configurable privacy policy page.